Brett Alexander is originally from Poplarville, Mississippi where he attended Poplarville
High School. After graduating high school, Brett attended Pearl River Community College
where he received an Associates degree in Criminal Justice. He then attended the
University of Southern Mississippi  and completed his formal education with a
Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

After graduating, Brett began to work with the Hattiesburg Police Department and except for
a brief stint from 1983 to 1985, remained there until his retirement in October 2000. During his
employment with the Hattiesburg Police Department, Brett worked in both the Patrol
and Traffic Divisions with the majority of his time being spent in the Traffic Division. In 1988, Brett
completed his initial training in the area of accident reconstruction. From that date
forward, he was responsible for reconstructing or documenting all fatal accidents and all
accidents involving city vehicles. At the time of his retirement , he had achieved the rank of
Captain and was in command of the Traffic Division.

In 1989, Brett began his consulting business  in accident reconstruction. Since completing his initial
training in accident reconstruction, he has attended an additional 33 courses dealing with various
aspects in the field for a total of approximately 1000+ hours of specialized training. Brett has been
qualified in both state and federal courts in the area of accident reconstruction. To date, he has
investigated approximately 3000 to 4000 accidents and reconstructed approximately 1500 to 2000

Brett has been tendered and accepted in Mississippi Federal and State District Courts as well as
Louisiana State District Court. He is also 1 of 3 reconstructionists in the state of Mississippi to be
accredited by the global accident reconstruction organization, A.C.T.A.R.   
Brett Alexander (ACTAR # 325), Senior Reconstructionist / Owner